What is this story about?
From the story, it shows that Dominic was a clone from Michael’s cell. Dom’s mom really wanted to have Michael back in her life. Her husband asked professor Holt to clone her son who had passed away. For her, it was the best way to have another child who had the same character just like Michael. Her love to Michael pushed her to live him up through cloning.

The cloned boy named Dominic Gordon or could be called Dom. A teenager from University Cambridge had passed away named Michael was being used as an experiment. Some of his cells were taken and used it as an experiment with a famous woman doctor named Imogen or called her professor Holt. This cell was being processed to make an egg for women to born a child. As this process had done, She put this cell on Michael’s mother which this cell would become a normal child through pregnant until born. She represented this cloned son named Dominic Gordon.

For his mom’s goodness sake, she kept it as a secret. As Dominic gone to 15, every secret was unveiled. It made Dominic to become aware that he’s an experimented human. It really changed his life. He became in fear, nightmare, and different. He escaped from his house with a permission by write some letter to his mom, and went to Cambridge University, London to find some information about his brother. He found a friend who wanted to helped him from University Campbridge named Zita and got some information from her about the environment and the atmosphere of this University. As then he luckily found someone who cloned him which was that famous doctor who’s name was Professor Holt. They introduced themselves while Imogen introduced her home. At there, they shared some experiences while also Imogen’s giving some introduction some about science for Dominic. She actually did this because she’s the one who cloned him. For this introduction, she needed to keep this as a secret.
There were some things related with her, she had Michael’s body at the grave, and also really knew Michael. One of her employees worked with her was Michael’s best friend. His name was Giles. He helped Dominic for his own goodness because everyone’s all around them wanted to find who were the victims that were clone. It was better idea to keep it as a secret before they knew, it would save Imogen’s life from execution and Dom as well. He luckily got some friends from Giles who also wanted to help him so some friends worth enough for him. Easily, he got some information from Gile’s friends about what thing would happen next.