The Individual in Nature – surviving in a world where man is not in charge.
  • Nature is at war with each of us and proves our vulnerability.
  • People are out of place in Nature and need technology to survive.
  • People are destroying nature and themselves with uncontrolled technology.

BY: Jesslyn, Yolanda, Ella 10d

1. Robinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe is a novel by Daniel Defoe. It is a fictional autobiography of the character Robinson Crusoe, a castaway who is stranded on a remote island for 28 years. During his journey, Crusoe's ship was hit by a storm and he had to swim ashore. He had to survive on a tropical island, creating his own tools and shelter, growing his own crops, while keeping a calendar by making marks on a wooden cross. This shows that people are out of place in nature and need technology to survive.

An illustration of Robinson Crusoe on a deserted island

2. Titanic
Titanic is a movie of romance and tragedy. It's about the sinking of the ship Titanic which was the best ship of its time. It is a very devastating tragedy as the passengers need to fight the nature when the ship hit an iceberg in the middle of the atlantic ocean. The hit caused the ice cold water of the atlantic ocean to sink the ship. Some people try to save themselves by getting on the available lifeboats but many died drowned or frozen in the cold ocean. This shows that humans are always battling with nature and proves our vulnerability.

The saved passengers watched the sinking of Titanic
Titanic's passengers try to save themselves from the sinking ship

3. The Day After Tomorrow
This science-fiction disaster movie shows the catastrophic effect of global warming, which is climate change, and results in a series of extreme weather. This then leads to global cooling and result in a new ice age. A climatologist named Jack Hall was on an expedition in Antartica drilling for ice core samples while the ice shelves broke. He then presented his findings and predictions but the government did not show much interest at first. This shows that people are actually destroying nature but this time, nature strikes back.