The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
The Notebook is one of so long enduring novel that has ever existed with the theme of love and hard work. There’s a woman named Allie and a man named Noah in that novel that has loved each other so much but then was separated. Years passed and the woman named Allie was going to marry another guy she wasn’t really sure with. Allie decided to search and meet Noah for the last time before she got married. Furthermore, after a long search they met and fell in love all over again. Allie had to decide whether to stay with Noah or continue her marriage and she chose to stay. Love had based the story inside and it focused on it. While hard work supported the base of love it. Through hard work comes love.


A Thousand Splendid Suns
A Thousand Splendid Suns is a novel which told about an old man called Rasheed, marrying a young woman, Laila is destined to be a cuckold because his first wife, Mariam never able to carry a child to term with hope that Laila could give him a child. However Laila already has a boyfriend called Tariq. Mariam and Laila eventually becomes a best friend and they plan to runaway from Rasheed during Taliban era. Mariam sees that his husband always being abusive and give no respect to her and Laila. In the end Mariam sacrifices herself to kill Rasheed and she is executed so that Laila and Tariq will be able to escape from Rasheed and enjoy their happiness.


Love the One You're With
In this story Ellen Dempsey, protagonist of Emily Griffin's Love the One You Are With, has it all. Not only is she happy in life, but also she has an adoring new husband, Andy, who seems to bring out only the best in her. A successful lawyer, Andy also happens to be the brother of Ellen's best friend, Margot. Ellen even gets along well with Andy's family, which is especially important to her considering that she lost her mother at a young age. On top of it all, Ellen is enjoying her work as a professional photographer. However, not long after she marries Andy, Ellen runs into an old flame, Leo, who by all accounts is the one who got away. Despite having her heart broken by him, Ellen never stopped thinking about Leo in the eight years since they broke up; seeing him again leaves her with a disconcerted feeling. Leo follows Ellen into a coffee shop, and the two catch up. During their chance encounter, Ellen begins to question if she is truly over Leo of if she is still harboring feelings for him. Furthermore, her need to question whether she is really over a previous relationship is a familiar theme. As happens for many people the world over, Ellen's encounter with a former lover leaves her wondering, "What if...."