The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a film that directed by David Fincher. Benjamin Button was born in an old baby. When his age is getting older, his aging and body is getting younger. But changes in puberty and ways of thinking like a normal human. In fact, he had a job which is a sailor when he was teenager and he had his love. He died when he was old but he was a baby-shaped. His growth was reverse from an old baby to be a young baby.

It's just like a plant that grow reverse

The Power of One
this story theme is about a boy that always been bullied by the older people. until in a time an adult want to kill that boy because that boy was from England and at that time China is fight against England. in the prison whit his friend he trained to be a boxer. when he grow into adult he came into a place that fight against white person with black person. when he win the competition all of the black person appreciate that boy because he just the only white person that want to fight against black people.
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Tarzan is a Walt Disney Movie (American animated feature film) which directed by Walt Disney Feature Animation. Generally is based on a story of Tarzan of the apes by Edgar rice Burroughs, The story is telling about growth, a married couple with a son who escape from a burning ship that ends in a jungle, the boy is the one who left in the jungle which Is the Tarzan. The kindly Kala takes the baby back to the gorilla troop to rise as her own, and as he grew older Tarzan became the king of the jungle which is the only human who ever grow in that certain jungle, Tarzan finds himself unable to keep up with them, and takes great efforts to improve himself. As a young man, Tarzan is able to kill Sabor with his crude spear and protect the troop, so overall it tells that the young were left behind in this jungle were known as the Tarzan after he faced on his growth. The growth is from under ages to adult that deals with a different life than the other human do.image005.gif