1. Freedom Writers.
external image clip_image002.jpgFreedom Writers is a movie directed by Richard LaGravenese. It’s a true story about students in Woodrow Wilson Classical High School. The students came from different race and are put into the ‘203’ class, a “broken” class. They group themselves based on their race, ethnicity, or neighborhood they came from. The school doesn’t give fair facility to them and they are always underestimated by everyone. Until Erin Gruwell, a teacher who teaches the 203 class, came and successfully changes the 203 class becomes a better class.

Mom’s love to her son pushed her to live him up through cloning. She believed that science and technology will accommodate her dreams to become true, eventhough for some groups of religious people it really against their belief to God. In addition, when the cloned boy realized that he was a cloned human, his life were becoming different, alienated, and nightmare.